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Dinner Party (near) Disaster

The quince were cooked tender and ready to be placed on top of dandelion greens and sprinkled with some gorgeous blue cheese and pistachios (from Yotam Ottolenghi’s cookbook, “Plenty“). The little potatoes were bathed in duck fat collected from our … Continue reading

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Big Tip for Tuesday

VOTE! And then drink Champagne when the right team wins. Cheers!

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Two-Tip Tuesday!

Tip Number One: For my dear readers who are facing the winter doldrums, cheer yourself up with a Provencal table cloth and a lavender-stuffed pillow from theĀ Lavender Blue, Catherine Giraud’sĀ online store. There are a zillion gorgeous patterns–from summery sunflowers to … Continue reading

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Many Tip Tuesday

When you go to a good cooking class, you come out of it with more than a handful of recipes. In fact, that’s why I like to go to cooking classes, for the tips–the asides that are tossed out between … Continue reading

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Between Seasons

What to cook when it’s hot outside but you’re desperately longing for rich, fall food? When it’s too early for stew and you’re not quite craving crumbles? Welcome to a mid-October dilemma in LA. Friends were coming for dinner and … Continue reading

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Two-Tip Tuesday!

Hello again. Today’s tips are two quick recipes that are perfect for this time of year (at least in sunny California)! Tip One: White bean salad. You can throw it together in no time. Here’s how: Toss a pint of … Continue reading

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The Perfect Beach Food

Chilled watermelon, of course, is perfect beach food. And I’ve always liked the egg-salad sandwiches from my childhood. But yesterday a friend pulled something out of the cooler that was even more brilliant: a tin of kippers! He popped off … Continue reading

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