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Two-Tip Tuesday!

Tip One: Do It Yourself! I’m not much of a DIY kind of person and unfortunately neither is my husband. We have a great handyman whom I call far too regularly for really embarrassingly silly little things. But after having … Continue reading

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It’s Two-Tip Tuesday!

Here are some end-of-summer tips for you today. Tip One: Make a peach pie! It’s hard to improve on a perfect summer peach, whether it’s sweet and white inside or tart and yellow. In fact, I don’t think you can … Continue reading

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The Start of a Collection?

Our dear friend Lisa Moseley brought over this antique egg scale the other day as a gift. I love the look of it and it makes me proud of our girls: They lay large to extra-large eggs! My husband says … Continue reading

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It’s Two-Tip Tuesday!

Now, after taking a break to be with family and friends, I’m back with two tips for January 3rd, the first Tuesday of 2012! Tip Number One: The Sodastream┬ácounter-top carbonation machines. They’ve been around for a while, but if you … Continue reading

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An early holiday gift!

Ooooh! All my hinting around finally worked! The other day, the UPS man delivered a pressure cooker to my door–my first gift of the season! And just the model I wanted: a Fagor Futuro 6-quart! (I can be a very … Continue reading

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Am I justified?

Years ago, I convinced my mother to give my son–who was turning 7–a Kitchen Aid mixer for his birthday. (He’s very hard to buy for. He has special needs and doesn’t play games or sports. His favorite things to do … Continue reading

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