Two-Tip Tuesday!

Tip Number One:

Planned Parenthood Los Angeles’ annual FOOD FARE is this Thursday and tickets are still available for the afternoon and evening sessions. This year PPLA is honoring the lovely and fabulous and talented Suzanne Goin, owner of Lucques, A.O.C and Tavern (some of my favorite restaurants). For more information and to buy your tickets, visit the website.

Suzanne Goin

Round up some friends to join you (my friend Laura rounded me up), starve yourself all day, then go sample tastes from some of LA’s best chefs and drinks from sponsors! It’s a fun and delicious night out–AND it supports a very important (especially now) cause! See you there???

Tip Number Two:

This sponge holder, a Christmas gift from my husband, has proven to be one of the best presents I received this year.

My wonderful sponge holder!

No more gross and soggy and bacteria-ridden sponges for us! It sticks to the side of the sink and lets the sponge dry out. I just loooooove it! (Thank you, darling!)


About cdhla

I'm a former editor at several lifestyle magazines who's been freelancing since moving from NYC to LA. I call my blog The Chipped Platter to remind us that chips are better than perfection. The platter in question, a round one made by Gien, has traveled the world with me, visited with friends and family, celebrated milestones, and offered sustenance. My cherished Chipped Platter is part of the family. (I love my chipped plates, too!) On this blog, I'll be sharing my adventures of cooking for my family and friends, venturing out into restaurants and learning tips from people I meet. Come along!
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