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Cucina Povera

My review of “Cucina Povera” by Pamela Sheldon Johns is up on Zester. Take a look. The book offers a good bit of history about life in Tuscany during WWII and how the hard times shaped the area’s cuisine. It … Continue reading

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Intentional leftovers

In preparation for dinner with two friends from out of town, I went shopping. On my list was a 7- to 8-pound pork butt (aka “shoulder”). My husband wrote up that shopping list (surprise?) and would be cooking so I … Continue reading

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In the garden.

I’m not ready for guava season to be over. It started in late August and is ending just about now. Only a few are left on the tree. I grew up eating pineapple guavas from this very tree, planted by … Continue reading

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Cooking for a crowd

I find it really hard, for a lot of reasons, to cook for a crowd. One of those difficulties is getting the amounts right. I almost always have tons of leftovers. I can gauge how much food to prepare for … Continue reading

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Two unlikely friends

These two ingredients don’t seem to go together–but they do! My most-requested birthday cake–a reliably super-moist chocolate layer cake with a buttery chocolate icing–includes them both. When I first served it, I wasn’t going to tell anyone about my secret … Continue reading

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One of the best meals I had in Paris was at Le Café des Musées in the Marais. I had been there the year before with my daughter and, sitting at the wide-open, full-length windows, we’d spotted about four or … Continue reading

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Quiche for dinner

Inspired by all the gorgeous tourtes I saw in the Paris boulangeries, I made a broccoli and cheddar quiche tonight for dinner. (Parboiled broccoli; stirred together 6 eggs, about a cup of milk, some good cheddar, salt, pepper, thyme. Stirred … Continue reading

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