Last of the Rosé

At the beginning of summer I try to buy just enough rosé to get us through until fall. We started with a case of Chateau de Pampelonne, a favorite for years, and a second case of a wine that was new to us, MIP* Made in Provence. We have one bottle left.

Kids went back to school today, so I’d think my timing was just about perfect. But summer weather–rosé weather–is still here. The question is, how many more bottles should I buy??

I’ll buy enough to carry us through…let’s see…the end of October. I’m betting this fabulous weather will last until then.

Notes: Chateau de Pampelonne is a classic Provencal rosé, light in color and taste. It’s a blend of the classic Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah plus a bit of Tibouren, an ancient Greek variety that’s being grown in the area. I bought my first bottle because I liked the name. The Chateau is located right near la plage de Pampelonne, the glorious beach just outside St. Tropez in Ramatuelle. One of my all-time favorite places for lunch, le Club 55, is there. About $17

The last of the rosé


MIP* Made in Provence from la Domaine de Sainte Lucie, near Aix en Provence, is a blend of Cinsault, Syrah and Grenache. The pale pink wine is slightly fruity and tart–a nice, crisp balance. Perfect with pistachios before dinner and with grilled foods. About $15.

I buy them both at The Wine House.


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